Friday, May 31, 2013

Fine Art Friday...

 Today's Fine Art Friday Feature is all about the
photography of Kerényi Zoltán.

I am in awe of the planning, trekking, and perspective skill involved
in creating these photographs.  He makes it look so simple...
copyright Kerényi Zoltán

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Creative Uses For Hot Glue- My Best Friend in the Craft Room...

I am a loud and proud Hot Glue Advocate.  I'm not ashamed.
It is the most useful and versatile tool in your Craft Arsenal.

Now here's how to use it in some ways you've never imagined.
First up, you can WRITE on glass in Hot Glue and then paint over it...

Pure and Noble

Your Homebased Mom

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Great Costume Influences From HIstory... Part 1...

My absolute Favorite t.v. show of ALL time is Roseanne.
While I'll admit there are a few episodes that I have little interest in seeing again, the woman was an absolute comic genius.  In my opinion, she is one of the ultimate feminists from my formative teenage years.  She didn't back down when she believed in something.

One thing Roseanne pushed for on the show was the inclusion of a Halloween episode every season even though the executives at ABC weren't keen on the idea.  They turned out to be some of the best episodes of the entire series, in my opinion.

The over-the-top costumes were, of course, the best part...

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bluebird Costume Tutorial... Tutorial Tuesday...

One day, I hope to have my own tutorials on here.
But, for right now I thought it would be fun to link up
to some adorable Costume Tutorials
from around the Interweb...

Up first, we have an Adorable Bluebird Costume

I would make a little Nest Candy Carrier to match!
You could hot glue a little Spanish Moss
(or newspaper cut into strips) to the basket.
Hot glue a few plastic Easter eggs to the edge.
You might just luck out and find a basket that already looks like a nest...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Threadbanger Flower Crown Tutorial...

This is a great tutorial from Threadbanger on Youtube- 

This isn't how I make my Flower Headbands
but it is a really cute and easy way to make a crown if you
want to make your own.

I'm loving these black flowers and I wish they were more readily available.
(I think they got them at Michaels.  My Michaels has them
but they only had 2 stems available.)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

NEW Shop Open for Headbands and Hair Accessories...

This year, I decided to bring back my headbands (especially my skull headbands) but they just seem out of place in my Costume Shop.

So, I decided to reopen one of my older Etsy shops that was sitting dormant.  I dusted off the cobwebs and spruced it up today!

I have a LOT more to load into the shop but I'm very excited to show everyone what I've been working on all winter!

Here is a preview of my Brand New shop

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Very Special Pre-Season Sale!!!

Purchase 2 or more costumes and receive:

10% off + Free Shipping

Use the coupon code SHIP2FREE to receive

Free Shipping immediately.

10% will be refunded after purchase.

(Now through June 30th, 2013.  Offer good for costumes only.)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Item!!! Graduation Hat Headbands...

Free Shipping
on these adorable Graduation Hat Headbands!


Will fit Babies through Adults!

Match your favorite Grad!  Makes an adorable photo prop!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New In the Shop... Little Nurse Hat Headbands...

Just added to the shop today- adorable Nurse Hat Headbands
 with Free Shipping for a limited time only!

I made one of these cute headbands for my daughter to wear to her Auntie's Graduation from Nursing School.  We got so many "oohs and ahhs", it was unbelievable.  She stole the show for sure!

I made a few improvements after that first one and it's even cuter now!

The First and Last TuTu on The Costume Cafe Blog...

Just setting things up around here.

The Costume Cafe is kind of becoming a big deal.  She needs proper blogging, networking and social media connections.  This is the year we get all that going.

Subscribe for new costume updates, tutorials, sale announcements, and the occasional limerick.  (Okay, maybe not.)

While we are in construction phase, enjoy this adorable baby in a tutu...

Oh, how I love her.